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replacement for garlic ???

hi guys i love garlic my bf despises the stuff . Alot of jamies recipes involve garlic garlic garlic ! what are good alternatives ?? xxx

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Re: replacement for garlic ???

Welcome to the forums  smile
Tell him to harden up and eat garlic!  lol  lol  Nah my mum hates it so she doesn't include it, she doesn't actually replace it with anything. I sympathise with you though cos my partner hates mushrooms so I miss out on making a lot of things  sad

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Re: replacement for garlic ???

lol @bmsma.

i don't really think that you can replace the taste of garlic. saying that it belongs to the same family as chives so you could maybe try replacing it with that. taste won't be quite the same though . another alternative is wild garlic (leaves) which are milder in taste than normal garlic. i think the season is pretty short though (about feb to may) but you can use the leaves to make a pesto and store it longer. just tell him its chopped chives big_smile

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Re: replacement for garlic ???

Welcome to the forums hardyzgirl17   big_smile

I always think of recipes as a guide and I have to admit that I do not realy follow then at all. so my advice is...
If you don't like Garlic.. then just leave it out !

Having said this .. Garlic is added to many foods in restaurants etc , (although not always in huge quantities ) and if you can gradually get youself  use to the taste then life is easier when you get to eat out .

Roasted Garlic has a smooth softer flavour that on times can be a little sweet , quite different from when it is added to a dish towards the end of cooking.

Garlic has many health benefits, thumbsup  it is a natural product that some have suggested might lower colesterol ,its good for your heart , I am sure that I have also read that it has a natural bacterial effect and also can help the flora of your gut.

So Garlic is worth getting used to gradually... just a tiny smidge to start with and gradually build it up over the months/years !!!

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Re: replacement for garlic ???

Asafoetida {Hing}  is used in a similar way to garlic  in Indian vegetarian cuisine but if he doesn't like the taste of garlic I would be willing to bet he really won't like Hing. I love garlic but hing is not my favourite flavour.  puke

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Re: replacement for garlic ???

When I worked in Munich in a "Mexican" Restaurant (very "en vogue" at these days) we served a lot of dishes with lot of garlic.
I was also advised to cook with garlic for the waiters.
When I asked the owner of that restaurant once if it was considered that a guest (and by the way, there were occasionally V.I.P.s) could perhaps complain about the breath of a waiter, he shrugged and called it "the breath of the gods"...

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Re: replacement for garlic ???

I have always had trouble eating garlicy food .. I'd have loads of digestive and intestins trouble so I eventually stopped having it at all ...
I didn't replace it with anything because onion also causes the same problems for me so I ended up ditching the flavor all in all..

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