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#1 Fri 17 Oct 08 9:25pm


From Calgary Alberta
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Easy Sweet Corn Soup

Great for crisp autumn days served either in a bowl or cup.

16 ounces sweet kerneled corn-puree
2 tbsp white flour
2 tbsp butter or Mutter
1 cup milk or cream
2 cups chicken or vegetable broth
1 tsp curry powder
1 cup diced raw chiken (if you want a veggie soup, omit)
2 egg whites
4 tbsp warm water
2 tbsp cornstarch

Melt butter or Mutter in pan on low heat then sprinkle in flour.  Using a whisk blend flour and butter/Mutter.  Slowly whisk in milk/cream and allow to boil then lower heat and simmer for 5 minutes.  You should end up with a liquid the consistency of white paper glue. 
Add corn pureee and stock and curry powder and whisk again
Lower heat and simmer for ten minutes
(If you are adding the chicken, make sure it is fairly dry and add to hot pan and sear quickly until it browns on the outside then add to the soup). A good quality cooking oil is best for this as butter/Mutter will burn quickly, browning the colour of the soup somewhat.)
Add the egg whites slowly and stir constantly while adding until they whiten up and are cooked
Mix corn starch and water and add to soup to thicken right at the end.  Cook for another 2 minutes.
When serving add a swirl of soy sauce in the middle.  Avoid adding extra salt as seasoning as the vegetable or chicken broth will contain salt.

If you like you can add 1/2 cup of whole kernel sweet corn to add some texture to the soup.

Enjoy. yummy

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#2 Sun 19 Oct 08 12:59pm


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Re: Easy Sweet Corn Soup

This looks really yummy and easy to make...
It would also be great for my diet only I will have to make it into a mash...
thanks smile

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#3 Sun 19 Oct 08 1:06pm


From A place very unlike home
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Re: Easy Sweet Corn Soup

I have never thought of making corn soup that is a good idea. I must try.

Why do you add the egg white and cornstarch?

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#4 Sun 19 Oct 08 1:07pm


Member since Sat 18 Oct 08

Re: Easy Sweet Corn Soup

hey looks good...... but is there a substitute for egg white..... n oh yea... wats mutter.....????

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#5 Mon 20 Oct 08 6:49pm


From Calgary Alberta
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Re: Easy Sweet Corn Soup

To answer a few questions all at once.

The cornstarch/water thickens the soup without the use of adding more flour and gives it a bit more of a body rather than a thin body without the pasty taste of adding more flour.

Egg white is used as it is sometimes used in other soups, particulary with Chinese soups for instance and provides some nutrition but without the cholesterol of using the yolk.

Mutter, yes, that one.  In a previous post about stretching your food budge, I put in recipes for combining butter and high quality margarine without sacrificing taste or using it for cooking.  So I called it Mutter (M for Margarine) and utter without the B.  I called it this on the fly when my daughter asked me what I was doing while blending the two together.  I told her I was making Mutter and it stuck.

The benefit of blending, apart from stretching your food budge (for those who like butter but not the cost can get the best of both worlds by blending them together-you can be heavier with the margarine so equal parts not necessary) is that you can keep it in the fridge/icebox without it getting hard the way butter does.

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#6 Fri 24 Oct 08 1:50pm


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Re: Easy Sweet Corn Soup

I've got a wonderful and healthy recipe for Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup if anyone is interested.

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