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Home Economics & Cookery Lessons in Schools

I have been watching what Jamie has been doing with great interest, and wonder if he would consider taking on the cause of re-establishing Home Economics & Cookery Lessons in school.  I was educated in the 1970's and right from my first year of Secondary School until my last year had two double periods of Home Economics and Cookery, we were taught all the different methods of making pastry, cakes, soups, savoury dishes and desserts..... in the home economics lesson we were taught about electricity, budgeting, buying carpets and the different types, the same with other things like beds, about different fabrics, about mortgages.  With retrospect these lessons were invaluable a real lesson in life.  Everyone of our generation came out at least able to create a simple meal and many of us were much better than that able to prepare something much more lavish.  When my daughter was in school, I was amazed that her cookery teacher when 'teaching' her and I use the term loosely here, to make an apple pie, asked for a pack of frozen pastry and a tin of apple pie filling.... any idiot can do that, but where is the life skill in teaching this, its wrong.  Surely four periods a week could be dedicated to this, it surely falls into the give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach the man to fish and feed him for life maxim.  And if you get them and teach them at this age, you will be bringing real cookery back into the community.


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