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jazzmags 35

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Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas.... smile
Just wondering if anyone would have some suggestions for leftover Roast Lamb?
Any suggestions would be appreciated...

Cheers smile Jazz

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Re: Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

Hi there smile

I used some leftover lamb to make some pitta pockets and I guess there is always the stewpot or a curry smile

Hope you are having a great festive season.


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jazzmags 35

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Re: Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

Thanks Sloughlin,

Wasn't sure about being able to use lamb for stews or curries as we usually eat the whole leg...I have Jamies Ministry of Food that does have some delish recipes for curries and stews... smile
I will have to give the recipes a go...
Have a wonderful day
Jazz smile

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#4 Sun 28 Dec 08 3:26am

Nutty Nette

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Re: Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

Dice fresh tomatoes blend or finely chop add to meat the same and wrap in any pastry you got it,s like Cornish pasties for cheats any veg or tatties left over chuck them in I -like to add mint sauce.
Nuts but simple  tongue

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#5 Sun 28 Dec 08 5:39am

jazzmags 35

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Re: Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

Thanks Nutty Nette that sounds yummo...I like the sound of that for a nice easy but healthy meal. I have actually started on the Rogan Josh Curry Paste from the Ministry of Food... can't wait too try it... smells divine.
  Cheers Jazzmags

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Re: Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

chop it up fine and use it for mousakka.  I actually like it better than ground lamb for that.

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Re: Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

Here is Suggestion from me using the lamb as a pizza topping with base, and roast vegetables as side dish, and a mesculin salad mix as well enjoy!

Veges: Carrot , Celery, leeks

tongue Vegetables for accompaniament! tongue

Scrub your carrrots and chop roughly and add to a roasting dish, and then chop the celery and leeks and add them in the pan also with a sprinkling of Thyme, drizzle with olive oil also do sprinkle with salt and pepper for that added touch!

Roast in a preheated oven for about 35 minutes on 180 - 200 degree heat basting in the process and turning them as necessary.

thumbsup Left Over Lamb! thumbsup

You could use it as a base for pizza, except you would be grilling it under a hot oven, this is basically going off the top of my head, what you would do is have a few of these ingredients at hand:

Now i buy pams pizza bases for 2.50 for 4 base's which are medium sized! Not a bad bargain and are freezable if u only wish to use one at a time.
If your cooking for two or four u can use one base depending on what size u want everyones slices to be!

Olive oil 2 tblspoons
Tomatoe paste 2 tablspoons per pizza base
a tablespoon of Sweet basil
a teaspoon of Rosemary
1/2 can of diced tomatoes (drained)
basil leaves
Feta cheese

Mix well the tomato paste sweet basil and one tablspoon of olive oil and let it stand for 5 minutes to slightly infuse.

Grabbing a spatula, spread evenly on the pizza base

Thinly slice the lamb off the bone, and place into a bowl and add a teaspoon of Rosemary, and lightly mix with a tablespoon of olive oil

Add in your can of tomatoes (making sure your have drained the tomatoes in the can) into the meat mix and set aside.

Roughly chop the basil leaves and also chop the feta into squares

Add your lamb mix onto the pizza base, then add the chopped basil leaves and feta.

Grill pizza base in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. untill golden brown around the edges or the pizza looks just right for your liking!

The Pizza should be slightly warmed through

big_smile Now once the vegetables are done, set aside and let the pizza cook, and make up this mix to base with mesculin salad! big_smile

Lemon Juice
chopped cherry tomatoes!

Strip the thyme leaves into a bowl add some lemon juice, bash with the back of the spoon to release and infuse flavours, for a extra soft kick u could add in some orange rind, and set aside....

In a bowl place in mesculin salad leaves, and pour over the lemon base and toss lightly add in a few chopped cherry tomatoes and your meal is complete!

Hopefully these three dishes will complement each other.....and if it works let me know cheers! adidasdd  clap  question  clap

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#8 Mon 29 Dec 08 3:52am

jazzmags 35

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Re: Any ideas for leftover Roast Lamb

Thanks for all of your suggestions and effort for passing on some yummy recipes... thumbsup
I did end up making the Rogan Josh from the Ministry of Food and the lemon rice...mmmmmm clap  It was the best homemade curry ever..I did also make the curry paste from scratch and it was divine....To anyone wanting to try a beautiful curry give the recipe a go....Can't wait to try the other recipes in the cookbook...

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