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Hello Jamie, smile

I heard that you will give cooking lessons in Dubai. Pleaaaasssseeee! Say the place,say the time,say the date.
I am expecting you such a long time ago, and really want to attend your class. Please give the details. yikes

Thanks and Best Regards,

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Re: Dubai

Hmm - well, I suppose even the obscenely rich need to be able to eat healthily.

Hope its not just a way to make even more money.

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Re: Dubai

Dubai's hardly just full of the rich - last time I went it was really quite chavvy...

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Re: Dubai

Rich or poor so what.....all is a question of education, the uneducated of this world come from all walks of life.

Class rating is really an uncomfortable thing to swallow for some people. AWFULLY important subject for far too many busy bods.

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Re: Dubai

Even the sheiks need to think clearly. Be healthy. What a concept!!!

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