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Jamie's diabetic?

I found this in one of Jamie's articles:

"You will cook the grains over your little flame. Then add some dried fruit (try currants, question they don't seem to spike my blood sugar shocked ) and if you really splurge, bring along a little peanut butter or almond butter."

Has Jamie been diagnosed as diabetic, or is this just an "awareness" statement?

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Re: Jamie's diabetic?

Besides being relevant for diabetics, many people watch their blood sugar levels (in terms of not spiking them so much) to lose weight or out of general health consciousness.

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Re: Jamie's diabetic?

Aiming to keep your blood sugar constant will help to guard against energy and mood swings as well as food cravings.  Eating foods high in refined sugar will give you a short sugar high, which is good for an immediate energy or mood boost but you'll suffer a crash shortly afterwards which will leave you craving more sugar.  It's much better to go for slow burn foods that help keep you on an even keel.

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Re: Jamie's diabetic?

The glycemic index is a list of foods that indicate whether a food will give you energy for a short or long time. The latter is better as you don't get as hungry. I'm not sure where current sit but they should be on this website. It's not only diabetic people who look at this sort of thing, sports people, people wanting to lose weight and others who have conditions that can lead to diabetes.

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