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the neck fillet recipe!

so i go into my butchers having written down what to ask for and march up to him and say "Two pork neck fillet steaks please!"

He says "you been watching jamie oliver?"

despite his frown and large knife I decide to reply truthfully and manage an embarrassed "yup" thinking that any moment now he is going to say that every numpty this week has been asking for that...

instead he says, without altering the scary frown,

"good programme"

and he toddles off and comes back with two steaks of free range pork. His chum, an equally scary, knife-wielding chap, says

"good cut that, good flavour".

I return home triumphantly, make dinner and place it in front of my sceptical boyfriend. We both munch away amazed at how tasty and quick our tea is and I've been wearing a porky grin ever since!

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Re: the neck fillet recipe!

lol  lol  lol  lol  lol

I love it!!
It can be daunting to start with something new. Before you know it you'll be here telling us more tales and adventures from the kitchen and beyond.
Welcome to the forums. Enjoy.   smile

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Re: the neck fillet recipe!

Wow, if our Butcher did that i'd end up laughing all over his meat and/or fainting on it!

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Nutty Nette

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Re: the neck fillet recipe!

clap  clap Try neck fillet of lamb makes mean curry or stew holds together despite major cooking, use a knife sharpener to create a hole through the middle stuff and roasted it,s awsome works on neck of pork too. Keep cooking

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Re: the neck fillet recipe!

Bacon (the programme) has just aired here in New Zealand. Very good prog, though its application to the livestock conditions here are possibly not quite the same. (We have been able to buy "no sow crates" pork and pork products for a few years now.)

Oh, and we've been turned on to pork shoulder roasts from some of Jamie's other books. Delish. Luvly-jubbly.

Question about pork neck fillet. When I asked my local butcher he says we call it pork scotch fillet. Says it a boneless skinless neck cut with marbled meat. Sound like wot Jamie was describing.

So is it also called scotch fillet elsewhere? (obviously not up there in Scotland).


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Re: the neck fillet recipe!

The names of cuts, and indeed the way meat is cut, varies from country to country - you need to get a good set of diagrams, illustrating cuts. If your butcher doesn't recognise the name, show him on the chart where it is and he will probably cut it for you.

Here are some to get you started:-

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Re: the neck fillet recipe!

I cant believe we havent had this show here in Oz yet.. I know I have been a bit head down bum up lately but I couldnt have missed it surely?

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Re: the neck fillet recipe!

Well Lou&Phil ,you are local to me , I wonder if that was in Pring's on Crwys Road.
I go into that butcher and he always takes great delight in telling everyone that he has a vegetarian in the shop .
I buy meat from him for my family , I always get the christmas turkey there and he always saves me a bag of turkey bones from the turkeys that he has been boning and rolling for people.

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