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Thanks for your hard work mate!

Hello from Sweden!

I'm a hard pressed university student with little time to cook as much as I'd like. Never the less watching your and Ramsay's shows on the telly is always fun. 

Today I saw, for the first time your ministry of food show over here in Sweden and I jumped on to the website that was show at the end. And as I browse about I hit the recipe for meatballs... And there is an instructional video, this is brilliant! Not only is it possible for people with reading disorders to easily make use of your recipes (not that I have any problems reading) it's also easier to see what and how to do it, a video example is not ambiguous like some recipes I have read are.  Not to mention it's fun watching it and it gives inspiration. It's bloody genius...

Kudos for a proper job mate. I wish there were more recipes in video format like this.

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Re: Thanks for your hard work mate!

hi Sweden
Check out uni cooking loads of help it,s a forum smile

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