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#21 Sun 07 Nov 10 6:17pm


Member since Sun 07 Nov 10

Re: Kitchen knives

I have a stainless steel Carrier cook's knife, which I bought about 30 years ago and am still using.   neutral  It sharpens like a dream and - most importantly - it is really comfortable to use. 

I think knives are a very personal thing.  You need to look at them and hold them.  See how they feel in your hand.  Hands are different and the balance of knives differs too.


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#22 Thu 06 Jan 11 12:31pm


Member since Wed 15 Sep 10

Re: Kitchen knives

Benchmade knife company was founded on the premise of designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality, functionally featured, sporting cutlery, knives and rescue tools possible.

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#23 Sun 13 Feb 11 11:44pm


Member since Sun 13 Feb 11

Re: Kitchen knives

always go for japanese knives - cant beat them for quality. and don't be afraid to spend a bit on them because they're a great kitchen investment xxx

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#24 Wed 09 Mar 11 1:19pm


Member since Wed 09 Mar 11

Re: Kitchen knives

OK... My head is spinning from reading far too much about knives...

I'm just getting into cooking to avoid takeaways (16 month old son means tea time has to be a speedy affair) and my existing knives are more like rolling pins. It's no exaggeration to say I have to saw through a tomato - and that's with the serrated one!

So I'm looking to replace them with one or more good knives. I've read all the threads on here after buying a 'Tesco Professional' knife set for £60 (see them on Tesco direct - I can't post link as it's my first post here). I saw they were Japanese steel (contains MoV) and thought, if it's OK for Samurai's, it'll probably cut my tomato's. However, I've now seen on the side of the box 'Made in China' and I'm wondering if they will actually be a bit pants...? (no offence China, I realise 99% of everything is made there). Not used them yet so could get a refund...

General advise seems to be get one good chef's knife and then get a 'normal' bread and paring knife.

So I was reading on here and other places that Global are good, however, I've seen quite a few reports that say they snap quite easily. Which obviously has me concerned and wondering if I should look to something else.

Your advice please!

I have normal sized hands, I want to be able to cut veg/salad with ease, the odd bit of meat/fish. Happy to not dishwash the knife. Don't want to spend more than about £60-70 on the main knife (unless it really is worth it). I want to go to a shop to handle a few but what brands should I be looking for/asking about?

As a final point - I've always kept my knives in a block. Is that still the done thing? Or do people just stick them in the drawer? question

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#25 Thu 06 Oct 11 4:57pm


Member since Thu 06 Oct 11

Re: Kitchen knives

I've followed this topic in the past and decided to register myself here! I too was looking for a good kitchen knife, which wouldn't cost me to much.

After some searching I've found the Tesco knives, but the MoV steel isn't really good. Ain't bad either, so I kept looking around....

Until recently is discovered a shop with own brand, called Eden Quality. The price looked to good te be true. So I googled their brand name and found a topic on British Blades.
They said it was brilliant, so went for it and order an Eden Quality Classic Damast Chef knife, Bread knife and Paring Knife.

What an amazing knives! They are very well balanced with a beautiful design! And razor sharp, you can drop a tomato on the knife and it will split easily in two! big_smile

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#26 Mon 31 Oct 11 3:07pm


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From Pembrokeshire, West Wales
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Re: Kitchen knives

As far as knives go, you cant go wrong with a set of ioshen knives, have had mine for a few months now and have never failed  smile

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#27 Fri 23 Dec 11 10:24pm


From Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member since Wed 08 Jun 11

Re: Kitchen knives

Just a few days ago I bought Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star Set. It has a 20 cm chef's knife, 20 cm carving, 13 cm utility(serated), 10 cm paring knife and 23 cm sharpening steel rod. So far I am really impressed with their performance, so sharp and perfectly balanced. Before I had a cheap China-made knives which I had to sharpen after every single use, so I decided to invest in a decent brand   smile

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