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#1 Tue 24 Mar 09 2:26pm


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corned beef hash

I love this meal, filling and cheap to do. there are many different variations on what is used but i pref mine so here goes:

1 tin of cornd beef hash (any brand, i use cheap as cant tell the difference)
1 tin chopped tomatoes ( brand)
1 tin baked beans (i use heinz)
3-4 medium sized potatoes
beef granuals
i hae expeiented and added worcester suce, agustora, mixed herbs, lemon juice, cellary salt - any of these taste nice but generaly add what you feel or just go with the basic.

in a medium saucepan or cassarole dish open the cormed beef, break up (into mashed style) and add to chosen method. add full tin of beans then add enogh water so that it only just covers corned beef and beens then place on hob at full heat.
whist on heat peel and slice potatoes roughly 3-5mm and add the pan (keep stirring occasionally so nothing sticks to base of pan/dish)
add  tin of chopped tomatoes and stir in, when come to boil lowe heat a little and keep stiring to prevent overspill. at any stage add any additional ingrediens for flavour if you whish.
when you can break potatoes with a wooden spoon that is when it is cooked, lower heat to lowest setting and add beef granuals (normally around 7 good heaped Tbsp to the dish and give a good stir (the more you add the thicker it becomes so don't over do it or it will be like porridge). serve hot with bread and butter. ENJOY

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#2 Tue 24 Mar 09 7:08pm


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Re: corned beef hash

This is similar in some respects to mine, but why do you use "beef granuals" (are these gravy granules or pure powdered stock?)?
I use more expensive Corned Beef because the cheaper brands seem to have a lot more fat in them.
My potatoes are turned into a garlicky, buttery mash to go on top rather than in chunks & into the meat mixture.
I'm with the worcestershire sauce, chopped herbs & lots of black pepper for seasoning.

Good of you to share the way you make it. Its always interesting to see how other cooks cook!

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#3 Tue 24 Mar 09 7:30pm


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Re: corned beef hash

I use gravy granules to get a nice texture, stock cubes wont work the same way. the potatoes are in slices not cubes.

here is an italian version given to me but not yet tried it

3 tablespoons of oil
1 onion chopped
1 red or green pepper chopped
1 large tomatoe sliced
2 garlic cloves chopped
1 large tin corned beef
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 oxo & 1 teaspoon marmite
1 flat tablespoon italian seasoning
1 smal tin garden peas
1 tablespoon tom puree


lighlt fry onion, pepper, garlic until soft, add corned beef and chopped toms, add oxo, marmite and italian seasoning, stir well and add peas.

meanwhile in a large pan half salted water biling cook 80 to 100gms macaroni for about 20mins, drain and add contents of medium pan and stir well together.
put into oven dish top with grated cheese and the sliced tomatoe.
Place under grill in oven and cook till cheese is well melted.

this make quite a lot but can be put into smaller dishes and frozen.

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