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Fresh versus canned garlic

I'm curious if it is okay to use canned garlic (usually in glass jars packed in oil, chopped finely) instead of fresh garlic. It isn't a major deal but I find it convenient.

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

I've used garlic from a glass jar.  Fresh garlic is better in my opinion.  The jarred garlic really isn't bad though, better IMO than powdered dry garlic.  Try it and compare. Unless I was really pressed for time, I'd use fresh over jarred.

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

I would certainly use fresh garlic - I've once used garlic from a jar, but found the taste really unpleasant.

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

I tried the jarred once out of curiosity , it was ok but had an after taste... I have never bought it again.
I have in the past bought some little tiny cubes of frozen fresh minced garlic, they were ok .

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

The jarred garlic has a taste all of its own.  I can't really put my finger on it, but it just tasted a bit OLD.  Like a garlicky burp. 

Sorry.   whistle

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

Jarred garlic?  For a chef, not OK.  For a home cook, OK. 

I do think there is a difference in taste, but I think the time saving element is a plus.  I have a compromise.  When garlic is on sale, or in season locally, I will buy lots (at least 10 bulbs), chop it all up and freeze it in a ziplock and use it as I need it.  It tastes like fresh garlic in cooked dishes and has the time saving convenience of jarred garlic.  For an application that uses fresh garlic and isn't cooked, I use fresh garlic that isn't frozen. 

I do think if you have some time saving conveniences, you are more likely to cook at home.  I keep so many things in my freezer prepped--

minced garlic
minced ginger
minced lemon grass
shredded and chopped carrots
peas, corn, green beans
chopped celery
chopped onions
minced shallots
chopped fresh (not dried) herbs--flat leaf parsley, cilantro (coriander), basil
fresh (not dried) herbs--dill, tarragon. rosemary, sage, thyme, chervil, chives,  oregano
now, ramps! yay!
many shredded cheeses
many meats
and frozen in ice cubes:
   coconut milk
   beer (the unused part of a bottle used in marinades, I don't drink)
   apple juice
also every kind of chopped fruit.

umm, and some ice cream...    big_smile

So if I am cooking, I use the stuff from the freezer.  Freezing hurts the texture of these things the same way cooking hurts their texture.  This cuts down on my cooking time SIGNIFICANTLY.  It doesn't really mean that I spend less time cooking, just that I am cooking way more complex meals in the time I have.  And that's a good thing, you have to feed your senses.

If I'm making something that will be served fresh, like a salad, then I will buy fresh produce.  But the produce (except lettuce, cukes, etc.) that I don't use, I will prep and freeze before it goes bad.  This really cuts waste to nothing and lets me cook with way more variety on a daily basis. 

I'm sorry, did you ask a question about garlic?   smile   I got a *little* windy oops

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

didnt think jarred garlic existed??

holy mother... what next?  roll


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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

frozen baked potatoes

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

When they started selling a ready-mix for pancakes I thought it was a joke....

About the garlic, I´ve eaten jarred garlic a few times, but that was ages ago. I wouldn´t replace fresh garlic with it, though. I used it as a part of a little mixed-pickles-plate.

I´ve seen a couple recipies for homemade jarred garlic cloves, but never tried it myself.

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Re: Fresh versus canned garlic

I personally don't use it but if you find it convenient and don't object to the flavour I say use it...   If you want to use fresh garlic with less hassle I would advise you to buy a microplane zester grater..  It turns a clove of fresh garlic into perfect pureed garlic in seconds..A truely fine multipurpose tool  and timesaver.

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