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fan assisted oven vs. no fan?

When roasting I've noticed that some meats seem to prefer 'no fan' when roasting.  Does anyone have any handy tips or rules?

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Re: fan assisted oven vs. no fan?

I cant give much wisdom here but only my own experience.  I had a fan forced oven years ago was very excited by the prospect.  The apparent attribute of a fan forced oven is its ability to circulate the air around the oven evenly, you need to drop the temperature 10 celcius from normal cooking temp so you food wont be over cooked. 

After cooking with fan forced and regular I found little difference.  I only got 6 months use out of mine before moving so could be wrong in my opinion, I cant see an even temperature in a oven is a bad thing though. 

As for roasts, all I can think of is the better browning that occurs, so perhaps for pork and chicken it would be useful.  Im hoping some members with much more experience come in with more than my small 2 cents worth, Im interested to know the cons/pros too.

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Re: fan assisted oven vs. no fan?

Fan ovens seem to dry food out more than non-fan.

Have tried all sorts of ovens - rayburn coke fired or wood fired, electric fan, electic no fan, gas no fan.

I prefer either Rayburn/Aga, or gas oven for succulent roasts and perfect cakes and bread.

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