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lawrie at home

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mixed peel

Hi can any one give me info on mixed peel i know it,s lemon and orange but don,t know how to make it thanks all lawrie thumbsup

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Re: mixed peel

Welcome to the forum lawrie at home

I like grapefruit and lime peel as well as orange and lemon peel.

I am not sure how to make the mixed peel , I am sure that you will find it in old Mrs. Beeton's cook book.
I am sure that Geoff P will know how to make candied mixed peel.

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Re: mixed peel

Here is a recipe:

I haven't tried it but it is like a couple of recipes I had.
You will find more by googling Candied peel

There is such good candied peel available locally i haven't worried about making my own, but I have eaten stuff friends made and I know how yummy it is.
Best of luck. smile

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