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#1 Tue 30 Jun 09 5:00pm


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Marinated onions

When I was in Italy I had onions marinated in red wine and they were still crunchy.  Does anyone have a recipe?

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#2 Fri 03 Jul 09 12:57am


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Re: Marinated onions

small white onions
bay leaves
How to:
put salt on the onions e let them marinate for about 4 hrs, then drain them and put them in a pot full of 1 ltr. of hot boiling marinade (1/3 wine, 1/3 winegar, 1/3 water, some bay leaves, a spoon of sugar).
Wait a minute from the restarting of boiling and then drain the onions and let them become cold.
To be served cold.
Good appetite!

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#3 Wed 08 Jul 09 6:23pm


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Re: Marinated onions

Hi Plim,

How are you? From personal experience the Italians have quite allot of varieties of onions. Some are really crunchy and also not particularly strong and the way that I have seen it done is with vinegar that is kind of the equivalent to verjuice (which is midway between a wine and a vinegar) and you can use wine as well. You can have some fun marinating in red or white wine but also blending that with a bit of vinegar or lemon juice. It’s really worth experimenting. Literally you just slice the onion up and the thicker it is the crunchier it will be. When the Italians use an onion that is really mild then they go chunky. Because we are used to quite strong onions then we are more likely to go thinner. Anything from about 2 mm thick is cool. Hit it with some sea salt, a little swig of wine and vinegar, and then add some good quality olive oil. Feel free to add a small pinch of sugar or even some torn up herbs. Leave this to marinate for 4 – 10 minutes and then you can use this in salads, or on some bruschette with some lovely salted cheeses or cured meats.

Nice one

Jamie O x

p.s Nice thought to add the bay leaves Franc

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#4 Wed 08 Jul 09 8:22pm


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Re: Marinated onions

Welcome to the forum plimothpilgrim and francognutti  big_smile

I have to agree , adding the bay leaves is a good idea and one that I have never thought of doing before. I will give it a try.

I love marinated onions and its something that I generally do if we are having salads or a BBQ ., or just simply with bread and cheese.

Mostly I marinade the onions with the marinade slightly sweetened ,  I think that is because I know that my family enjoy the onions that way.

Like you francognutti , I usually add a little water to the vinegar , but I do not cook the onions at all.

What my family like best is when I do the onions like this...

I slice the onions thinly ,( and like Jamie already  said , the thickness of the onion will depend on the type of onion that I am using. )
Milder onion...slice thicker
Stronger onions slice thinner

I put the sliced onions in a bowl and I cover them with a mixture of Vinegar which has had a little hot water and a good sprinkle of sugar added , its a bit difficult to say what type of vinegar that I use as I tend to mix it to taste and often will blend a couple of vinegars together to achieve the taste that I am looking for at the time.
Simple as that !

I mostly use a light colored vinegar ,
Red wine vinegar will colour the onions , which I do quite like.

I will sometimes season the vinegar with a few thyme leaves .
Like Jamie , I do not marinade the onions for long , I think of them like an almost 'instant' extra salad accompaniment or addition to a cold meat meal.

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#5 Fri 10 Jul 09 7:40pm


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Re: Marinated onions

Probably I misunderstood: I don't slice onions, but use whole small one (like Borettane) so I have to cook them almost a for a short while.
They are sweeeeeet and crunchy... like mummza I prefer them with soft fat cheese.

Try them filled with olives sauce and tuna!
http://www.italiadelizie.com/prodotto-i … cts_id/243

tnx for the welcome!


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