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Food and Hospitality assignment help needed

Hi All,
I am currently year 12 at Sacred Heart College Senior School in South Australia and one of my subjects is Food & Hospitality.

I am doing a special study which contributes to a large part of the mark for this subject. The topic I have chosen for my special study is

"How has the attitude to food safety changed over the years"

I have developed an anonymous survey for anyone working in the food industry including restaurants, cafe's, hotels, hospitals, bakery's, supermarkets, delis etc. This would include chefs, cooks, kitchen staff, waiting staff, supermarket deli staff or anyone who handles food.

I would really appreciate anyone who would be willing to fill it in to contact me at lizzy.henningsen at (insert @ instead of at)

PS: Year 12 is the final year of high school in Australia smile  smile  thumbsup

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Re: Food and Hospitality assignment help needed

Good luck with this Lizzy, I will see if my daughter will fill it in, she works at Red Rooster and at a Supermarket Deli... but it may take me while to catch her! smile

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Re: Food and Hospitality assignment help needed

I don't currently work in the food industry, so I can't help you there, but I would definitely say that it has, tremendously. In the last 5 years or so, so many different regulations have been tightened up, it's crazy!

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Re: Food and Hospitality assignment help needed

have you thought about doing a survey monkey survey and getting the results that way? You could then contact restaurants etc by email (from their websites) and ask them. Are you going to restrict this to australia? Food safety laws do vary between countries so if you are making a comparision with changing attitudes and the timing of say legislation here it won't be as correct if there is non-australian responses.

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