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Best home made Butter Chicken - ever!!!!

If you want to try a mild but rich tasting curry, then this is the one for you. I have just made it for the first time and it is absolutely as you will get it in a restaurant - and YOU have control over the ingredients.
A couple of points, although you can use oil for cooking I strongly recommend using ghee or clarified butter as it has a very high burn temperature so can be heated quite high before burning, and the taste is part of the flavour. It's also a healthy option as all the milk solids have been removed. Search for "ghee healthy?" online and you will see.

Secondly, skinned and boned thigh meat is perfectly OK for this recipe unless you want absolutely perfect little cubes. So here goes.
This'll also freeze OK so make a big batch and freeze some of it into meal size portions.

I found the colour perfectly acceptable without adding any red food colouring. A rich orange colour, but if you must have it a garish pink or red, then add it where specified.

Ginger/garlic  paste can be bought in some supermarkets or asian food stores, but you can make it yourself. For this recipe use a good thumb size piece of fresh ginger. The skin scrapes off easily with a vegetable knife held at righ angles to the stem, chop it finely. Use about 4 or 5 (or more if you like it) garlic cloves also chopped, then pound it in a mortar and pestle. Alternatively, bung the lot in a blender and blitz antil you get a smooth paste.

Quantities don't have to be exact, and can vary without affecting the flavour too much. Feel free to experiment to get your own taste, but this one as given is pretty close to any I have ever tasted in a restaurant.

Butter Chicken


500 grams        chicken (thigh or breast meat)

For the Marinade

1 tsp        Ginger garlic paste
1 tsp        Red chilli powder
1 tsp        Salt to taste

For the Cooking

2 tbsp        Ghee
1            Medium onion - chopped
1 tsp                Ginger/garlic paste
Ĺ tsp        Cumin seeds (ground cumin seed is OK)
200 grams     Chopped tomatoes
2            Chopped green chillies (deseeded otherwise it'll be too hot)
40 grams        Cashew nuts (about a handful)
2 or 3 sprigs    Coriander leaves
1 tbsp        Coriander powder

To Finish

100 grams        Butter
100 ml        Fresh cream
1 tsp                Red food colouring diluted in water (optional)
Ĺ tsp        White Sugar (add this last to taste as you may find that the             cashews and fresh coriander give it sufficient sweetness.
A dash        Tomato ketchup ( optional )
Cut chicken into bite size pieces and apply ginger garlic paste, salt, chilli powder mixing well in with your hands, and shallow fry in oil and set aside.
To the leftover oil, add all the rest of the cooking ingredients and cook covered with a little water till everything is soft.
Let cool and blend to a smooth sauce.
Add to hot melted butter, and cook over a medium flame.
Add food colouring a few drops at a time. Donít over do it!
Add chicken and cook for few more minutes until chicken is tender stirring regularly. Don't let it burn!!! If you do, don;t scrape it off the bottom of the pan or you will get a slightly burnt taste. Not unpleasant, but not tasting quite as it should.
Add the cream and stir well until blended.
Tomato ketchup is optional.
Remove from heat.

If you are worried about the amount of butter, you could probably halve the quantity without damaging the flavour, but it is Butter Chicken after all. Just don't eat so much of it in one sitting!!!!

If anyone is interested, I also have a Chicken (or other meat) Korma which is sort of modified from one I saw on this forum. Seems alright to me and uses cashews, ground almond and coconut milk for a slight sweetness.

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