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Desperate for cake Recipes you can FREEZE!!!

I am in desperate need for some cake recipes that are suitable for the freezer.  Sounds simple, here's the problem.  I've already made 130 muffins in 11 varieties and frozen them.  I have also made a couple fruit cakes and some flap jacks which keep very well in the tin.  I need a few other different cakes for freezing to give variety.  I know I can freeze fairy cakes (before icing) but these are too much like muffins.  I would like a chocolate cake recipe if there is one out there or any others anyone may have.
I am on a bit of an economy drive at the moments (reasons for the baking).
Can anyone help, it will be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Desperate for cake Recipes you can FREEZE!!!

This is a rich dessert like chocolate cake that freezes really well. It is flourless, made with almond meal. I cut it into portions and freeze it to stop me eating it all in one go! … lmond-cake

This is a recipe by Stephanie Alexander, a famous Australian chef, and everyone I have passed this recipe on to loves it and everyone I have served it to loves it too. I highly recommend it.

Does not rise much, but you only need small portions as is very rich. And it is pretty easy to make.

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Re: Desperate for cake Recipes you can FREEZE!!!

I have frozen about any kind of cake you can make. Never had any problems - one didn't freeze any better than another. As I live alone, cake gets eaten quite slowly, so freezing is the only option. Good luck!  smile

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Re: Desperate for cake Recipes you can FREEZE!!!

I find mudcake (choc) freezes fantastically well.

I also make this basic from scratch butter cake that you can add cocoa too ( try cocoa & chilli powder  yummy ) that I ice & freeze in portions for my kids to take to school for recess.

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Re: Desperate for cake Recipes you can FREEZE!!!

This is a great little cake you can make quickly, tastes wonderful and freezes perfectly.

The finished prodcuct: … p?id=49586

The basic cake recipe: … p?id=42238

Best wishes for success!

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