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#21 Sat 06 Mar 10 4:58pm


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Re: Last item you bought ?

Last items I bought were two 40-pound bags of stove pellets for our pellet stove.
Been a little cool here and it's nice to have the stove running in the morning.

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#22 Sat 06 Mar 10 5:02pm


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Re: Last item you bought ?

2lbs of nice sausages, a net of shallots and a large container of milk.
Meant to get credit for my son's phone. He did his weekend chores promptly this morning which means he is looking for something!!!!!!   wink

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#23 Sat 06 Mar 10 6:14pm


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Re: Last item you bought ?

a glass grater for my daughter to avoid using a blender to prepare an apple for my granddaughter

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#24 Sat 06 Mar 10 9:02pm


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Re: Last item you bought ?

Chunks of "Smelly Ha'peth" (soft, blue), "How's Yer Father" (creamy) & "Mouth Almighty" (BIG flavour) cheeses..................we have had a "Taster Day" at the farmshop today, & there were small bits left over.

Sean Wilson (some might know him as "Martin Platt" in "Coronation Street" on tv) makes these wonderful cheeses (& more besides) at his Saddleworth Creamery, where he makes artisan Lancashire cheeses.

They are so good that when we are planning a tasting day we have to have a double order to stand any chance of keeping up with demand on the day.

If those of you in Britain can find give them a go, they're lovely!

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#25 Sat 06 Mar 10 10:42pm


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From Melbourne Australia
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Re: Last item you bought ?

Worcestershire Sauce!
For my Caesar Salad dressing. I haven't had any in the house for at least a decade. I went to the closest little Supermarket and they only had Black and Gold Brand (the cheapest) ~ I didn't even bother looking at the label.
But at the big supermarket that had Lea and Perrins, so I thought that should be all right! smile

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#26 Thu 11 Mar 10 7:11pm


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Re: Last item you bought ?

Florence + the mashine cd  whistle

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#27 Thu 11 Mar 10 7:52pm


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Re: Last item you bought ?

Cupcake-liners-heart shaped sprinkles-other cupcake deco stuff-cookiemix for kids-choc chips-baking paper-caramel icing...and much more cupcake goodies...   oops

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#28 Fri 12 Mar 10 11:27am


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From Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland
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Re: Last item you bought ?

Bought oranges and lemons this morning and am planing on getting some fresh fish in the morning.

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#29 Fri 12 Mar 10 11:30am


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Re: Last item you bought ?

silicone cupcake moulds 12 heart shaped ones 12 normal ones.

And a load of  mini fabric roses and Dahlias for my easter eggs.

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#30 Fri 12 Mar 10 12:21pm


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From London
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Re: Last item you bought ?

A spring form cake pan. I'm cooking for my colleagues and have found such a good recipe, but need to update my kitchen items first!

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