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Polenta, Cornmeal, Semolina, Durum Wheat etc etc

And so today's challenge is:

'a simple, clear and concise explanation of the difference between polenta, cornmeal, semolina, durum wheat and their applicable uses'

Your time starts now..........


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Re: Polenta, Cornmeal, Semolina, Durum Wheat etc etc

for me if you say polenta I think to the end product of boiling mais flour in salted water untill you get a dense stuff called olenta, it takes 40 mins.
corn meal could be the mais flour to do this
semolina is a granulated flour coming from wheat you use to make gnocchi alla romana for example, making a soft polentina  with milk and then letting it cool, cutting little squares to be put in the oven with parmigiano and butter on top
durum wheat flour is meant to make pasta like spaghetti and so on

I hope this is of some interest even if not so professional big_smile  wink

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Re: Polenta, Cornmeal, Semolina, Durum Wheat etc etc

polenta and cornmeal are made from corn

semolina is from wheat

Durum is a type of wheat

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