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Hints for a New York trip

we are heading next week for a surprise mom-daughter trip over to New York (and of course we both canīt wait for our first time NY xmas shopping). I already discover a few great sites with restaurants and food shopping places -but there are just so many.

So any hints or your secret best place to eat for New York? We have four evenings, so not that much time....and any ideas where to go food / kitchen stuff shopping in the city? need a few new microplane graters and I really want some more things I canīt get over here.



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mr spice

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Re: Hints for a New York trip

I haven't stayed in New York but I love hanging round Williams-Sonoma stores looking at the kitchen gadgets and cookware. They often have demonstrations, very tempting!

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Re: Hints for a New York trip

Dean and Delucca, a gourmet shop, is a must.  It's a bit pricey but it doesn't cost anything to look.
Some people say it's touristy, but I still love Katz's Deli.  I swear their chicken soup healed me of the flu.  And their pastrami is to die for.
Also, there's a little place called Gino's Italian Restuarant.  Best kidneys I've ever eaten.
Also, have to mention an Indian restauran called Devi.  It's run by Savir Saran, I think THE top Indian chef in America.  IMO

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