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#51 Wed 14 Apr 10 8:43pm


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Re: Could you / Would you run your own cafe / restaurant?

Go lovesgoodfood!!! get it happening, kid!

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#52 Wed 14 Apr 10 10:05pm


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Re: Could you / Would you run your own cafe / restaurant?

I think that i am not really capable of it...but i love to have my own coffee shop...
sell my own home baked cakes with it and serve lovely lunches and afternoon teas...close my shop at 17.00 in the afternoon...i/o making the grazy hours i make now... neutral

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#53 Wed 14 Apr 10 11:03pm

mr spice

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Re: Could you / Would you run your own cafe / restaurant?

rhianna899 wrote:

What a rude thing to do, even if she was thinking it why open her mouth and say it  roll Ladies around here have a lovely way of calling people/customers "duckie", I love it  mrgreen

I used to love being called "me duck" by those elder ladies when I was a student...

A few more thoughts on this...when I was younger I thought a bistro-pub might be nice...but have you seen how mean people can get after a few drinks shocked . Keeping order on a busy night could be tricky. However, I've never seen an argument or any kind of disagreement in an ice-cream shop (parlour?)...so, on reflection, I'd go for an ice-cafe. People only go because they really want to be there. No drunks. Decent hours...and no one complains that their steak isn't cooked properly lol  lol

Maybe like this place we tried in Kiel over Easter weekend...

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#54 Sat 08 Dec 12 8:31am


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Re: Could you / Would you run your own cafe / restaurant?

Jack mowing the lawn boosting on the roads, previous the audience start to prevent. The cops ceased him to ask:  "Why are you driving by so fast?" Port replied: "I'm sorry, my braking system bad, so I want to drive to be fixed as soon as possible, so as to prevent injuries."! '

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