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#11 Thu 11 Feb 10 5:17pm


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From Czech Republic
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Re: JAMIE! Congratulations on Winning the 2010 TED Prize!!!

Congratulation!  clap

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#12 Sat 13 Mar 10 4:41am


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Re: JAMIE! Congratulations on Winning the 2010 TED Prize!!!

I am very excited about the Food Revolution! And thankful for Jamie's passion for health. I also have the passion for healthy food and believe it is the biggest part of healthy living and ensuring a long and happy life. So much so that I have returned to school to become a dietician. I would love to play a role in the revolution. I plan on working in the schools and putting a stop to cafeterias selling energy drinks, potato chips, and snack cakes to the kids. It really outrages me that profit comes before the health of the children. How can they have a productive day if they are eating artificial and sugary foods? Being from the "south" where if it isn't fried it "ain't" tasty. I will have to work hard to convince people healthy food tastes good too. But I will spend the rest of my life trying.

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#13 Fri 26 Mar 10 3:31am


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Re: JAMIE! Congratulations on Winning the 2010 TED Prize!!!

Hi Jamie,

It's great you are working in Huntington, West Virginia.  As a teacher who has worked to improve school food in California for over 10 years, I know what you're up against. 

The maze of USDA rules and fake nutrition concepts (donuts with vitamins added are "healthy," artificial colors and flavors are fine, etc.) will be a huge hurdle, as we saw in the preview.

Money, or the lack of it, is another.  Since the future has no say in the present, there is no funding for really healthy school meals, where 'an ounce of prevention will save a pound of cure.'  Over 75% of medical care costs are due to chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. 

But the real goal of the USDA is making Big Junk Food happy, as the FDA's real goal is to make Big Pharma rich.

Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Michelle Obama, and now you, will open our eyes.  But unfortunately, none of these valiant chefs appear to notice the low hanging fruit, two changes that would cheaply, safely, and quickly boost children's health.

Namely, kids barely get any D, or DHA-EPA (we cannot make these specific omega-3 fatty acids, but must get them from food).

Read about these at GoodSchoolFood (dot) org, see the upper right corner for
Vitamin D: Fighting Flu with D
DHA-EPA:  Want to See a Better Report Card?

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#14 Thu 08 Apr 10 8:36am


Occupation Executive Assistant/Aspiring Childhood Obesity Foundation Founder
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Re: JAMIE! Congratulations on Winning the 2010 TED Prize!!!

Impressive comment MsSardines.

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