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Chilli jam - I just love it!!

There was a thread on combining apple and chilli over in Recipe Swap - chilli jam might work well in pastry parcels with some cheese, too.  I'm really keen to try something like that but haven't had a chance to experiment yet.

I like it on toast with goats' cheese.  Looking forward to reading some other ideas.   yummy

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

I'm a complet chilli rookie.
I have 6 types of seeds from Mexico I'll be planting in Feb/March.

As soon as I have my chillies harvested I'll be experimenting.
I have loads of jars saved up.

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

I've never had chilli jam.  sad   I'll have to try and make some.  wink

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

I love chillies!!! I add it to every dish I can smile In Poland fresh chillies are only in august/september and then I buy it  and dry. I love chutney from chillies and pumpkins. Dish which I love the most is chilli con carne (of course smile and chicken legs with chilli sauce and banana and pineapple smile I'm going to grow my own chilli on the window sill:) I'm wonder what will come of this? smile

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

There's a restaurant here that serves chili jam to every table.  When you arrive, you are given a plate of grilled bread and 3 jams:  red chili jam, jalapeno jam and garlic jam.  Oh it is so good and so addictive!  The owner is super cool.  In the summer when the chilis are ripe he is at the Farmer's Market with his red wagon full of chilis for his year's worth of jam. 

There's a lady at the same market who sells a sweet habanero jam that is so good, too.  I can't get any of my provincial farmer neighbors to like it ("Did you hear she tried to kill Ed again?  Yeah, this time with some pepper jelly.") but I llloooooooooovvve it!

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

I've had pepper jelly, it's good.  I've never made it.

I bet prickly pear and chili would make a great jam.  If you can get prickly pear.

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

I have never made chilli jam , must have a go sometime.

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

This is the recipe I use.  Pasted from and earlier post. (Too lazy to type it all again.... roll )

This one is from The River Cottage Family cookbook. I have made it, it's quite hot but delicious with cold meats. I've posted it before somewhere here, and at that stage hadn't made it. Now, I can definitely recommend it.   
The first time I made this my boys found it too hot, so next time I just left out the seeds, I'll train them over time.   


300gm redcurrants
1-2 red Mexican chillies
5cm piece of fresh root ginger
3 oranges
150gm granulated sugar

Put a saucer in the freezer.
Put the redcurrants in a saucepan.
Chop the chillies, pop them into the pan, seeds as well
Peel and grate the ginger, add to the pan.
Peel the zest from half an orange and cut into thin strips, add to the pan.
Half the oranges and add their juice and the sugar to the pan.
Heat on low and stir the juice and fruit together until sugar has dissolved, keeping it on a low heat. Check on the back of a wooden spoon to ensure all the sugar is gone, You will be able to feel and see it if not dissolved.
Now bring to the boil and simmer for about 25 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot.
Check for a test by putting a teaspoon of the jam on the frozen saucer, wait a couple of seconds and run your finger through the jam, if it wrinkles it has reached setting point if not keep boiling and testing every 3 or 4 minutes, once it reaches setting point, take off the heat straight away.
If you are using a sugar thermometer it needs to be 105 degrees centigrade.
Pot up into your hot sterilised jar and lid it immediately.

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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

What I really love is Asian Chile sauce. (It's more sweet than spicey) It's the only dip I need for lumpia, dumplings or any other Asian appetizer.


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Re: Chilli jam - I just love it!!

Oh Eddie, you mean Sweet Chilli Sauce? … 20a.m..jpg

I think the stuff gets used more than tomato sauce in our house.

Jaime, this is a recipe I use to make chilli Jam … illi+sauce

I actually remove the seeds and keep them in a muslin bag to control the heat, and make sure all of the chillis are very finely chopped in the blender with some of the vinegar.

I also add a teaspoon of salt, and boil the syrup until it is thick and jammy in consistency. I then put it in sterile Jars, seal and boil them for 10 mins to sterilise. They keep for ages.

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