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Giant Cupcake help!


I have been given a Wilton giant cupcake tin for Christmas but i need some recipe help please!  The tin came with a chocolate pound cake recipe but i was looking for something lighter.

Can anyone help?




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Re: Giant Cupcake help!

Hi, there seem to be quite a few on this site: … ecipe?nr=1

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Re: Giant Cupcake help!

Just use a sponge recipe.  Delia's all-in-one sponge is perfect, plus you can add lemon, vanilla or cocoa as takes your fancy.  I always substitute two tablespoons of flour for cornflour, somehow makes it even lighter.  If you want to get all fancy, you can do half-and-half so it'll look as though you've got a plain cupcake at the bottom with say, a chocolate icing bit on the top. … ponge.html

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