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#1 Thu 04 Feb 10 12:37pm


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Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

Lets share our ideas, i love aperitifs and i tend to appreciate this part of hosting most of all. Of course when inviting, every thing has been planned and each stage of a meal is great fun. But aperitifs seem to have that something a little extra for me, so i really love preparing them.

Last week was the first time since the new year that we started entertaining again, and i prepared the following and we tasted them fresh from the oven...and this was only the beginning, because i also made verrines to accompany the first dish once at the table.

Dried prunes wrapped in thin slices of bacon   
Sliced and quartered fig bread with foie gras
Flaky pastry little baskets with fish eggs

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#2 Thu 04 Feb 10 1:17pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

I love aperitifs - making and eating  thumbsup

Delia Smith does one which I do alot - pitta breads, split open and cut into small rounds, rubbed with garlic and baked for a few mins to go crisp.  I top these will all sorts even just plain phili cheese and chopped chives if in a rush.

I also do tiny bite size pizza if the children are included, and good old fashioned cheese straws.  My brother makes the best tiny scones topped with cream cheese and chilli  dribble and wonderfull pancakes which he makes waffer thin then lays salmon and dill on top rolls up tight and slices into bite size - to die for.


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#3 Thu 04 Feb 10 1:55pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

I always thought that aperatif was a sweet alcoholic drink served during dessert.  For example, port wine or grappa.

What you describe sounds like appetizers or hors d'ouvres, which are my favorite part of the meal!  Some favorites:

- Spinach rounds (puff pastry topped with spinach and cheese mixture then rolled up and cut into slices that are then baked)
- Endive leaves stuffed with shrimp salad
- Slices of baguette topped with herbed butter and radish slices
- Phyllo triangles stuffed with ricotta and fig jam.

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#4 Thu 04 Feb 10 2:04pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

An aperitif is what you have before the meal starts - it can just be a drink or nibbles with a drink. My boyfriend is french so that's how i know, maybe it's not the same in England? Although, when I go out to dinner the waiter will ask me if I want an aperitif and in this case, it means a drink before dinner like a bellini  big_smile

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#5 Thu 04 Feb 10 2:25pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

Hi n°1,

Apéritif at the origine was a drink to open the appetite such as an 'anis'...pastis.

copied from the web...
The apéritif indicates par extension la light meal which can precede a meal. It includes a light snack, among which the most classical are pistachios, potato chips or peanuts. By extension, l 'apéritif applies in all food (small cakes, serrated fruits, olives, meat products, tapas, cheeses and other various honouring assortments in l 'imagination) which are served as an accompaniment of this drink.

In restaurants an apéritif more than often means a drink before the meal, some restaurants will also serve some small savoury's with it. big_smile

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#6 Thu 04 Feb 10 7:19pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

I thought the before meal booze was aperitif and the before meal snacks were hors d'oeuvres.... go figure  tongue

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#7 Thu 04 Feb 10 8:12pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

When I get back to entertaining, I'm going to serve some of these:

Dates wrapped in Pancetta
Vegetable Sushi
Mini homemade fruit cocktails with exotic tropical fruits and local fruits
Smoked salmon rolled up around a few fine sprouts wrapped in shaved cucumber ribbons, drop of sour cream on top capped with one caper
Marinated Olives - California style
Bolhinos de Bacalau with piri piri sauce
Smoked Trout with lime and cream cheese, red and orange bell pepper rings served with crackers
Tiny triangles off piadella (sp?)  with various toppings - roasted bell pepper, salami, and olive oil
Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

With certain guests who come ravenous, we serve a small assiete plate with a pretty arrangement of salad ingredients and lemon wedges, smoked salmon with baguette as a sit-down starter.

Kye, you made me hungry!

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#8 Thu 04 Feb 10 8:46pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

My favorite aperitif (drink) is dry Champagne with canned lychées. yummy

Or with Elderflower sirup instead of the lychées. Or Prosecco with Aperol. Or cassis. yummy Hmmm. Guess I like champagne with a sweet component. lol

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#9 Thu 04 Feb 10 9:00pm

mr spice

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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

At our last curry party we had slices of Samosa Studel and Sekt...Sekt für Alles clap

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#10 Thu 04 Feb 10 9:19pm


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Re: Aperitifs...what do you serve your guests?

As in main courses it'll depend on the season but there are a few classics:
- Clams Bulhão Pato (Ive posted the recipe before, its with lemon, garlic and coriander)
- Fried potato skin, then make a sauce or a chutney, goes quite well
- prawn carpaccio
- beef carpaccio
- prawns fried in olive oil and lots of garlic
- canapés with whatever is available
- tiny meatballs with a special sauce
- chicken breast with olives and Moscatel
- olives marinated in olive oil, garlic and coriander
- quail eggs with mayonaise and fresh herbs
and many, many others but they do involve local products that arent familiar to most people.
But carry on, Im getting good ideas from you wink

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