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Loving it!!!

I am so exciting to share just how amazing I think Jamie's Food Revolution is and it feels so comforting to know that "finally" someone has stepted up to the plate. I watched the season premier with my two kids on Friday and the were so intreged. Now, to get a 5 yr. old boy and 9 yr. old girl excited about eating healthy and turning down sugar, just from watching one episode and of course some ( mommy influence), it's pretty cool. For the past few months I had been incorporating more nutritions foods into our diets and avoiding processed foods and replaced white enriched breads with whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies. This revolution airing was perfect timing, because It supplements the healthy habits I am teaching my children. Yesterday we cooked Jamie's crispy chicken recipe (the healthy chicken strip) cooked in olive oil, it was a hit! They loved it. I also prepared the mashed potatos made with olive oil and was also a success! I am feeling confident that eating healthy will no longer be an issue in my family. Hope I can influence other families out there to do the same and be creative in the kitchen.

Loving it,

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