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#51 Wed 09 May 12 3:55pm


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Re: Secrets to bread making?


I'm only at a similar stage to you in bread baking but.......I also agree that 2 sachets is one too much for 500gms of flour. It sounds like you are trying to "force" the dough to rise quickly. The 2 sachets will put air into the dough without letting the dough form will always collapse on you when slashing the dough to help the spring.

If you carry on with the same method, try leaving the dough for a few minutes between kneading. This seems to help to bring the stodge into a pliable ball. Always cover your dough with a light layer of oil when leaving to prove......this will stop it drying out and forming a skin.

I always add 2 tblesp of oil in the initial helps the bread last a little longer......and I add half of whatever salt content you use in sugar.....seems to help the taste.

Happy bakin !!!.........and don't give up. You'll get there in the end.


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