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#1 Tue 29 Jun 10 12:00am


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Healthy Snacks

Hello everyone,

When I was watching Jamie`s Food Revolution as it aired, I was very impressed and it really got me thinking about the food I'm eating in college. I've picked up cooking more out in my apartment more then I use to and I love it, but there is still a portion of the day where I'm at the college.

I'm in a Veterinary Technology program, so I am constantly on the go. The cafeteria food served at the college is not as healthy as I'd like it to be. We have what I call the "greasy grill," a Tim Hortons (coffee, cookies etc.), a Pita Pit, a "C" store which serves pizza/junk food and a pasta/stir fry ... the last one has very poor hours. I've never actually gotten a chance to eat there. I try to find alternatives and cook my own meals as much as possible but throughout the day I find myself snacking on junk food that's available.  I want to change this! I've tried to do some searching but I'm not getting far.

This brings me to my question, what are some of your favorite healthier snack foods?

Thanks a bunch

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#2 Tue 29 Jun 10 12:04am


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Re: Healthy Snacks

Any in season fruit.  We eat loads of fruit here in the summer.  My current favorite is nectarines.  Nuts are very good too.  In a recent study, they found that societies who have a lot of nuts in their diets, lived longer than those that didn't.  Not sure, but I don't think Almond Joy counts. lol

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#3 Tue 29 Jun 10 12:08am


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Re: Healthy Snacks

Hi Jessica, welcome to the forum.

Well you came to the right place cause Im sure a lot of people will soon come to give you great tips.
You mentioned pita and pizzas. Well they're mainly bread right?
Take it from there. Why not make your own sandwiches. A sandwich is easy to carry, to prepare, to eat...
Lettuce, tomato, chicken, smoked fish, many types of cheese, etc.
These are just a very few of the things you can have.
Also when we have hot weather I like to prepare some cold pasta salads.
Boil some pasta, say penne for instance, then mix some ingredients you like or maybe some of the ones I mentioned above. Season it and voila you got yourself a healthy snack.
Better than the junk you mentioned any day of the week!  big_smile

Good luck thumbsup

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#4 Tue 29 Jun 10 1:03pm


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Re: Healthy Snacks

One of my favorite snacks is hummus.  I eat it with carrot sticks or crackers.

I also really like crackers with blue cheese, apple slices with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit or honey and walnuts.

Hard boiled eggs are great too.  I boil 5-6 of them on Mondays and they keep perfectly for a week in the fridge.  Just take out one and snack on it.  Great breakfast too.

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#5 Tue 29 Jun 10 1:29pm


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Re: Healthy Snacks

hi jessica.
one of the things i like snacking on is pita bread and hummous. unfotunately the amount i eat probably isnt that healthy. also i like to make bread and i find somethin the family likes is tortilla made from scratch but before cooking it spread a thin layer of blue cheese or garlic on it, then cook it. they come out like little bread chips and are great when you watch tv or reading. fruit and nuts are also a bad habit in our household.

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#6 Tue 29 Jun 10 2:19pm


From London
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Re: Healthy Snacks

Carrot sticks, with a healthy dip - Humus and salsa spring to mind. I eat a lot of fruit and seed mixes too.

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#7 Tue 29 Jun 10 10:59pm


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Re: Healthy Snacks

I haven't read any of the responses you've gotten so forgive me if I repeat what you've already been told.

Hummus and veggies or with pretzels.   Costco sells single serving Sabras hummus if you don't have time to make it.  I love roasted garlic hummus and so do two of my children.  My favorite thing to eat with hummus is pretzel thins.  Those flat pretzels!

Nuts.  Cashews, almonds, any kind of nut. 


Organic granola bars.

Fruit.  Can't go wrong with fruit for a snack.  An apple with some peanut butter to dip in is the perfect combo!  Yum!

Yogurt.  If you freeze yogurt in the tube, it's usually thawed out but still cold by lunchtime so it's a good pack and go option.

Tortilla chips and corn n black bean salsa.  (can of corn, can of black beans, red bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, a splash of red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of sugar).

Cubes of ham or turkey, some cheese, wheat crackers. 

Wheat crackers and laughing cow spreadable cheese or one of those little round cheeses in the little red wrapper, comes in a net.  I'll have to look in the fridge because I've suddenly forgotten the name. 

These are all great snack ideas.   thumbsup

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#8 Tue 06 Jul 10 2:24am


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Re: Healthy Snacks

Should have checked back sooner!

Thank you all for the replies smile This is going to make my final year, and transition into the "real" world a healthier one.

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#9 Tue 06 Jul 10 12:01pm


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Re: Healthy Snacks

We don't really have 'junk food' in the house unless it is a special occasion. The kids help themselves to fruit and veg all the time but if they want a biscuit or cake they have to ask. I am a meanie mum.
Cheers Heather smile

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#10 Tue 06 Jul 10 12:31pm


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Re: Healthy Snacks

I agree with many on this. Good habits are made by practicing them. Eating candy and food with lots of sugars and, well, chemicals is just plain bad habit-making.

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