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Allora Andiamo

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Re: Schweinshaxe - Pork Knuckle Recipe

Ashen wrote:

.....any chance of you serving those up with a couple Steins of beer wearing a Dirndl ??? whistle  whistle   rwrrooaw   lol

anything for you Ashman tongue  ...would you like me to serve that with a bit of my Fattoush ?  whistle  lol

slbeckett, you should have seen my first Schweinsxhaxe  oops turned out as tough as a pair of trainers and  the only edible part was the flippin crackling   lol

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Re: Schweinshaxe - Pork Knuckle Recipe

Oh, I refuse even to admit what mine was like - I prefer to shut it up in the old memory closet and pretend it never happened.

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Re: Schweinshaxe - Pork Knuckle Recipe

Oh wow...thank you guys so much. A lot of good hints and recipes. So, Oktoberfest in West Virginia can come. I will let you know how it went...thanks again!

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Re: Schweinshaxe - Pork Knuckle Recipe

I fell in love with schweinshaxe/eisbein on holiday in Germany but never saw them in the uk until local butcher started selling them recently... For 1.59! So I had to find a recipe, and alloraandiamo's turned out superbly. Crackling wasn't very crackly but I think I used too much beer in the glaze.

Three well-stuffed people say "molte grazie"!

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