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Please come to Chicago to help CPS get healthier meals in its schools

I understand that LAPS has withdrawn from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, and I am asking you to consider coming here to Chicago.  My kids attend Ravenswood School, a highly diverse school on the northside of Chicago.  We have a high percentage of low income students, and many hispanic students, and there are a lot of families who do not understand what healthy eating is.  I have attended many field trips where parents send horribly unhealthy food (not real food) for their children to eat.  And our school lunches are over-processed, full of fat and sodium, and almost never include fresh fruit or vegetables.  There are quite a few overweight children (and parents) at our school.  My kids only eat school lunch about once a month, as I feel it is better to send a healthy lunch with them.

Getting a healthier hot lunch into the school is something our school has been talking about for several years now, and I know other schools in CPS feel the same way (or at least the parents do).  But, there are so many obstacles to overcome to get around the contracted lunch provider.

PLEASE consider bringing your show to Chicago!!!

A concerned parent.

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