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Food Revolution in Theme Parks

Hi Jamie, I was reading the big signs in the food court at a theme park here in Queensland, Australia. There were double cheeseburger/krispy kreme donut and coke combos and pizza/krispy kreme donut combos, the whole board was filled with it all. I work in a theme park and so many people ask for Subway type food but apart from some packaged sandwiches and a few prepackaged salads, there is nothing but hot dogs, dagwood dogs, pizzas and burger combos. I'm sure if there were fresh healthy food it would outsell it all. Maybe when you've finished schools you could start on theme parks.

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Re: Food Revolution in Theme Parks

At the Sonoma County Fair each year, we have lots of different vendors.  Yes, you can get triple by-pass cheese burgers, fries, pizzas and the like.  But they also have healthier choices like veggie burgers, falafels, Greek salads...
I think if they offered some different choices like these that were tasty that people would purchase them.  They do here.

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Re: Food Revolution in Theme Parks

Hi Macca, wave

I wonder if you could encourage customers and staff to write to the management of the theme park, when they want healthier food and can't get it? 

I suppose at least people go to a them park only for a special occasion, unlike kids going to school and getting rubbish every day.

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Re: Food Revolution in Theme Parks

Trouble is, if kids get junk food on special occasions, they might start to think it's special food too!

I know it's not quite the same but when my husband & I went to the Gate to Southwell Folk Festival last summer, the food available & the choices people were making were very encouraging. Some people were going for the burgers but plenty of others were eating at the stands selling locally produced (& often organic) food & drinks. You gut the feeling that junk food just wasn't welcome there. I know folk festivals attract a different crowd than theme parks but if a low-budget local event can do it, why can't they?

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