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#1 Fri 18 Feb 11 2:37pm

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Sauce for steak


Can anyone suggest a really nice sauce to go with a fillet steak?

Something a little different and a bit special!

Many Thanks,

Autobay Direct Southport

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Re: Sauce for steak

Hi there and welcome to the forum thumbsup

There are several sauces you can try.
Check these out, they´re recent posts from similar requests to yours

Good luck!

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Re: Sauce for steak

Fillet steak, properly cooked, will only need a light de-glaze of the pan it was cooked in IMHO...just a splash of wine to de-glaze...and let the steak speak for itself....

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#4 Sat 19 Feb 11 8:33am


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Re: Sauce for steak

Another tip, don't put the steak in the sauce, this is especially the case with a piece of fillet. Make sure you rest it for half the cooking time. The sauce should be drizzled around the plate and not dumped on top of the meat.

The same rule applies to Yorkshire Pudding, despite the tradition of putting the gravy in the indentation, it actually makes it soggy. All the time taken in getting it nice and crispy outside is wasted. Put it on top of the gravy and it'll be fine.

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Re: Sauce for steak

In the pan the steak is cooked in I add a dollop of Hot English Mustard and some cream, simmer and combine with pan juices, finish with some chopped parsley and serve with the steak.

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Re: Sauce for steak

A good steak does not need any sauce.  However a filet is rather tasteless and could use some help.  A nice bernaise goes very well with steak.

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Re: Sauce for steak

I have to agree with koukouvagia, fillet steak is overpriced and underflavoured. how about trying something a bit different and going with a sirloin tail(aka tri-tip or triangle steak) It is a triangular piece that comes from  the bottom sirloin.  It just needs a simple seasoning and grilled or griddled.

You can spend the extra on a good bottle of red wine to go with it.  dribble  dribble That is my idea of sauce to go with steak.  wink  lol

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Re: Sauce for steak

Shammy's mustard sauce would be great with a hangar steak, maybe a touch of tarragon and a pat of butter to finish.

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