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#31 Thu 05 Jan 12 12:40pm


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Re: Bee Hives

Oh Yeah...............I am looking forward to this year's garden produce!

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#32 Thu 05 Jan 12 3:50pm


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Re: Bee Hives

when you'll come in Friuli you must see the honey laboratorio of my beekeeper friend to be amazed of how many things these little infatigable friends produce

I dare invent mixed impossible words with you sure you can translate from unknown inexistent languages wink wave

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#33 Thu 05 Jan 12 11:57pm


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Re: Bee Hives

I used to have a beehive in my home paddock, until my mare got a bit close & tipped it over! Sadly, the bees swarmed. The kids then used the boxes to make into billy carts for fun. One day I'd love to have my own bees again.

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