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Re: Outdoor herbs in the winter

Mads, to me you are still madamada, which is a lyrical name and I've always loved it, maybe you can help me discover Twitter.  MrP may do so, he rarely has much time for such things though.

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Re: Outdoor herbs in the winter

sė dai dai MrP will make us all be twitter experts and meet there aswell wink there are my silly questions which can be asked only to friends

do not forget MsP we are all waiting for a book with pics and tasty comments edited by the Pabs ............ I would like one for me and one as Xmas present for friends ........... think of it, find a sponsor, start choosing pics, then store comments, handwritten comments would be nice, like in family albums, I can almost see it big_smile
think of it think of it .............

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Re: Outdoor herbs in the winter

Sage and thyme are also great herbs to be outdoors quite hardy in harsh weather......

cookinlovebird  smile

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