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Jamie's Christmas with bells on on Channel 4

Coming to Channel 4 this Christmas, Jamie Oliver presents two Christmas specials.

Jamie Oliver is the person many homecooks turn to for advice on how to prepare the most important meal of the year: Christmas dinner.

And this year, in two hour-long festive specials, Jamie wants to show that cooking at Christmas can be fun, with a collection of traditional classics, alongside new ideas and fantastic party food.

Filmed at his Essex home and featuring family and friends, the programmes are packed with stress-free, sure-fire ways to cover the classics for a fab Christmas dinner - turkey, roasties, gravy, stuffing and veg - as well as fresh ways to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

The first programme shows how a little bit of preparation before the big day can leave you free to enjoy yourself and shows how to avoid some of the disasters - from frozen turkeys to exploding Christmas puds.

Jamie also introduces some exciting new ideas, including Turkey Wellington, Jerky Hock, Rocky Mountain and Hot Rummy Lemonade.

The second programme is all about the big day as Jamie demonstrates how to pull everything together for a perfect Christmas Day, including Winter Fiesta Tacos, Brussels with hustle, savoury party snacks and Pimped-up Prosecco. And he shows how to make the best of leftovers, with recipes such as Boxing Day Turkey Chowder.

So settle down and let Jamie get you in the mood for the best Christmas ever!

more info for you here: … h-bells-on

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Re: Jamie's Christmas with bells on on Channel 4

Brilliant, i always like watching Jamie's shows, cant wait...  thumbsup

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Re: Jamie's Christmas with bells on on Channel 4

How long before it comes to US?  Just had the pleasure of watching a previous Christmas special where Gennaro made porchetta.  The awful thing was it showed him making it and then putting it into the oven but we didn't get to see it come out of the oven and get sliced up!!  I was heart broken.  How old is that episode and what ever happened to the porchetta?

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Re: Jamie's Christmas with bells on on Channel 4

I shall look forward to seeing the shows , thanks for letting us all know  thumbsup

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