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Uruguayan government ban selling unhealthy food in schools

The Primary Education Council ban from July holiday selling unhealthy food in public and private schools across the country. As reported today the newspaper Ultimas Noticias, with this resolution, the consumption of potato chips and snacks, some types of alfajores and those foods with a high percentage of simple sugars or total and saturated fat.

This initiative supports a ban on nationalist deputy Javier Garcia, who told El Pais Digital the main intention of this bill is to promote healthy eating among children, future adults of our country.

"The intention is pursuant to a reality that is very hard," he said, in Uruguay, 70% of the causes of illness and death are linked to what is called "non-communicable chronic diseases, ie cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, all conditions that have as their main risk factor for unhealthy food, "he said.

"Our bill is an investment in health," said Garcia, who also indicated that within it is added the requirement to introduce children celiac friendly food in the canteens of colleges and schools.

"This requires a strong social commitment of the educational community," said Garcia, who said that it is a "good role model."

The initiative also adds a public campaign designed to "educate all people about healthy eating habits," he said.

Garcia explained that the Ministry of Health establish a list of healthy and unhealthy foods and what should be promoted and which are not completed the deputy.

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Re: Uruguayan government ban selling unhealthy food in schools

Welcome Tangooorazon
This sounds like a good bold step. I hope it is supported by lots of good programs and information, education and proper funding! crossed
Let us know more! smile

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