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Re: Looking for some insight - dining tables/space for dining

crikey Pakman... where did 4000 come from ..  shocked
I thought my huge table was very expencive and it was less than a tenth of that and it was hand made to order !

I have been thinking about a space saving table , just below the surface of the table it would be good the have some shallow draws , you know that area just below the table top that generally just a plank to hide the construction of the legs .. instead of it being 'dead space' yu could put draws that could store things like table mats , servietes etc..  you could even add some wooded table mats to match or contrast with the table into the draws as a design feature.

Have you seen those little drop leaf coffee tables that you lift the drop leaves and twist the table top round to secure the table if you want to have it at the full size ?
like these ones
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? … ink:top:en

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