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Steak and ale pie

I'm looking for a recipe for this if any one could help

I'm making it for a meal Saturday night for my girlfriend as this is her favourite but I have never made it before and I'm only learning.

I have already got some ready to roll shortcut pastry and the ale I plan on using is Newcastle brown ale.

Does any one have any suggestions?

Ps she doesn't like mushrooms smile

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Re: Steak and ale pie

you couldn't go wrong with jamies one … with-a-puf  Newcastle ale will be fine - I have used that a lot in cooking if I can get my hubby to leave me some  wink .  Top with a shortcrust will be just as tasty, just not so light and flaky.  Serve with some steamed baby carrots and peas - yummy.


Edit to say - leave out mushrooms if you like though my son doesn't like them but still eats this with them in  big_smile

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Re: Steak and ale pie

I tried this recipe as well some time ago (here I have a picture of my pie: … uffed.html). This was also more or less the first time to make a pie. And it worked well, mostly.
Though make sure that the filling is really, what shall I say, not so wet.

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