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Re: School Dinners

One single hair folicule can harbour up to 50,000 germs, thats right 50,000! To hear that your child is being presented with food that contains hairs, and more specifically because kitchen staff do not take measures to prevent this, is just not acceptable. Episodes such as this are enough to put children off eating school meals for life.

I would strongly suggest a meeting with your child's head teacher in the first instance. I am sure he/she will be mortified to hear that there are concerns about food safety and liaise with the school catering manager to re-evaluate their procedures. If this route is not successful, your next step would be the local environmental health department. You can contact them by calling your local council.

A new Food Hygiene Rating Scheme introduced by the Food Standards Agency allows for members of the public to be better informed of food safety in the establishments they choose to eat at. Each food premise is given a hygiene rating which shows how closely the business is meeting the requirements of food hygiene law.
You can search for your child's school kitchen and any other food business on the Food Standards Agency website. (Unfortunately because I'm new I can't post a link!).

In regards to the quality and range of meals being served, ALL schools should now be meeting the National Nutrient Based Standards, again these can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.

You say you live in an area surrounded by fields of vegetables. What a shame that the local school children don't get to benefit from this huge advantage. It might interest you to take a look at The Food for Life Partnership, a national programme and award scheme that is taking the country by storm. Aimed at reconnecting children with fresh, local and organic ingredients whilst educating on the importance of a healthy diet, the FFLP is now working with over 4300 schools and communities across England. You may find some useful information to take along to your child's head teacher.

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Re: School Dinners

Doesn't your school have governors?
Isn't this the kind of issue they should take to the head beofre reporting it to local authorities?
Sounds pretty grim...almost Dickensian. shocked

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