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#1241 Fri 20 Dec 13 8:38pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

You're welcome! smile

"Cook with love and laughter ..."
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#1242 Sat 21 Dec 13 12:45pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Maree wrote:

Alexandra1 wrote:

I cannot use the anchovies as the kids won't eat it otherwise.  I cannot add bacon due to religious reasons for another :

I can assure you they won't taste the anchovies. They won't even know they're there. Anchovies cooked add a depth of flavour. They add seasoning and are in all sorts of  bought products that they are probably consuming without knowing. They don't taste "fishy" when cooked.  So, unless there are other issues such as allergies, add the anchovies.

As Maree says you need to be aware of people allergies . so .If you are cooking for others and you are using anchovies to season things you need to make sure that nobody is allergic to fish before you use them .

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#1243 Fri 27 Dec 13 10:21pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Please can you tell me the reason for cooking leeks for 30 minutes in the Jamie's Christmas Lucious Leftover turkey and leek pie, when leeks can be cooked in a few just a few minutes?
Thank you..
Christine x

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#1244 Sat 28 Dec 13 3:06am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

chrissyh66 wrote:

Please can you tell me the reason for cooking leeks for 30 minutes in the Jamie's Christmas Lucious Leftover turkey and leek pie, when leeks can be cooked in a few just a few minutes?
Thank you..
Christine x

Hi Christine,
I think Jamie cooks them this long so they are very tender and sweet but saying this I just read in Heston's book that leeks shouldn't be cooked any longer than 20 minutes as they lose their flavour. So maybe the longer they are cooked the gentler in flavour they become. Hope this helps in some way... smile  smile

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#1245 Mon 30 Dec 13 9:56pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie.
I am an explorer scout leader. Every year our scouts participates in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Those that don't know this is a multiday hike where all equipment including food and stoves need to be carried. I am looking for some ideas for things to cook on the expeditions, usually it is either expensive and pretty poor tasting specialist boil in the bag food or super noodles/ pasta and sauce and I want to find some cheap nutritious and tasty replacements

However the following considerations need to be taken into consideration.
1. The food need to stay fresh and undamaged in a rucksack for two/three days.
2. Weight is a consideration. so heavy cans are generally a no tins (a small tin of tuna etc may be ok) also ideas like half a tube of tomato puree instead of a tin of chopped tomatoes are also welcome.
3. The food has to be cooked on 1 small camping stove.
4. It has to be simple as teenagers are cooking it after a long days hiking.

Any ideas would be grateful

Cheers Dave

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#1246 Tue 31 Dec 13 10:58am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Need some help, please.  I want to make a similar dish to Potato Dauphinoise.  (Don't have any cream in.)  I have potatoes, celeriac, onion, cheese, garlic & milk.  Any ideas?  Length of baking time would be good and oven temperature.

There is some urgency as I want to do this today, 31 Dec.  Ta muchly. help

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#1247 Wed 01 Jan 14 7:10pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Happy New Year Jamie! I am from France and new member of your blog! Sorry for my bad english.... I am such a big fan of your "cooking style".... Anyway, I cooked today a "Bresse Chicken" for my family (i have 4 kids) with your goose receipe (the one with 5 spices, clementine...... And your gravy, as well as your roast potatoes receipe!). My chicken was perfectly cooked but didńt appreciate much the 5 spices with this wondeful bird! (Here in France, Bresse Chicken is considering like the best of all and is quite a luxurious product).
I was wondering if you have already cooked "Bresse Chicken" and how? I did not found   vidéo on Youtube. Because here, one of the best way to Cook it is Georges Blanc ´s way, very famous receipe with "vin jaune and morilles" (delicious of course....)
Perhaps you could give me "tips" for an original receipe? I trust so very much your style!
Thank you very much if you read me as my english isn't good at all.....
Amélie (oh I just saw you were born on 27th May like me except For me it was in 1971!)

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#1248 Sun 05 Jan 14 4:31pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Jamie, I have a question for you.

I'm wanting to re-create the chicken nugget experiment in front of kids for Food Revolution. I have a blender (Kenwood). I tried the experiment myself and it was a complete disaster but want to get it right!!

I'm wanting to ask you the details about the experiment and how I could get it to work.

Thank you so much for everything!

P.S did you get the package I sent you?


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#1249 Sun 05 Jan 14 8:58pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

have you tried a recipe for healthy muffins using  rye flour and other things like that,what did you usually add,we try veggie once but i wanted with diffrent veggie mix,which is best fo cupcakes...

enjoying cooking easy and fast...
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#1250 Mon 06 Jan 14 12:49am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hello Jamie , I need a recipe for a leftover from a sweet bread.
Thank you. big_smile

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