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School food in my country

Honesly I don't have any idea who will read this. While I'm watching food revolution I'm getting so angry about my school system. I'm from Czech republic and at our schools we have to pay for a lunch. Mostly terrible food. Not even junk food. And in my school I find this problem. I'm attending conservatory (art school) and I'm there from early morning untill late evening and school food is only one which can make me going. But there is nothing to eat. My school is small (about 300-400 people) without own kitchen. Vegetable salad on friday is the one kitchen received on monday. Fruit for whole school means 9-10 banans, few apples. Lunches - choice from 2 meals. Soup is only one - water with spice. Even we get big portions in half an hour I'm hungry again. It's so frustrating for me, since I like cooking and I'm trying to improve my skills. I tried to make my own food for school days, but it's so hard for me after exhausting day....I just felt need to write that I'm really jealous how kids in england are lucky that they have Jamie. I wish I could met him and learn from him... smile

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Re: School food in my country

Welcome here 19T,
That is such a dreadful situation, and how ashamed I feel after seeing a report that my country wastes more than 5 billion dollars worth of food a year.

Change is needed!

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