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Recipease - Notting Hill

Hats off Jamie for having the **lls to try a new venture but what is this place Recipease in Notting Hill Gate?  Is it a restaurant, cookery school, garden centre (sells potted herbs); deli; cafe; bookshop or none of these?

You walk in this place and need a guide to take ten minutes to explain what the proposition is. It's a muddle and a mess and to me a case of the lovely Jamie being spread too thin.  I hope it works but I'm glad it's not my risk capital.

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Re: Recipease - Notting Hill

I havejust seen this and to me Recipese , I called at the recipese Notting Hill a few weeks ago.

To me , primarily it is a place to learn , you can take various classes to learn a particular skill or how to cook a particular dish.

There is a large teaching kitchen downstairs and another one up stairs .

On both levels there were things to look at and buy ,vintage Kitchenalia, vintage and rare cookery books, new cookery books , delicatesant items , preserves , fresh potted hehrbs, bread ,as well as kew kitchen equiptment .
Also there is a seating area upstairs where you can order a drink or something to eat.

OK there is a lot going on , I will agree , but imagine that you went along with someone who was doing a class, there would be  plenty enough for you to see and occupy yourself whilst you are waiting for the class to finish. You would be welcome and would happily spend time in the store rather than feeling the need wander off to neighbouring shops.

Its a lovely store and one I plan to make full use of when I am visiting my family in London.

I called in to the store to see what it was all about , not really knowing what to expect , I knew , because Danny had mentioned in the past on the forum that he had been for breakfast at Recipese so I thought I would give it a go and see what was there .
I was really pleasently suprised ,upstairs  there was a seating area at the back of the store , there were also tables and chairs set around the outer edge of the store.
I decided to sit in the area at the back of the store where I could see all sorts happening , it was comfortable and I was very happy.
I was even happier when I saw the fruit salad that I had ordered.
Expecting a little dish of chpped fresh fruit I was delighted when a large plate was placed in front of me, it was a feast !
There were 3 very thin slices of pineapple in the center of the plate, half a banana that had beed sliced and fanned on the edge of the pineapple, half a Kiwi fruit , mango,  a few of each of ....strawberres, rich deep coloured cherries, blueberries , blackberries all arranged happily around or on the slices of pineapple . there was half a lime to squeeze over the fruit ( I love lime squeexed over banana so I was delighted to see that , but it did not stop there, there was a quinelle of citrus ricotta and a scattering of chpped and sugared mint and basil leaves. Simply a delicious breakfast and one that well and truly set me up for the day and my journey back to Wales.

What is also good about the store is that is so acessible , a couple of stops up on the underground from Paddington station and honestly just a few moments walk away from the Nottinghill underground station stop. So very easy to find.

Downstairs as well as the deli area , selling the herbs etc, you can also get takeout coffee , I met a lady outside the store whilst we were both crossing the road, we started talking as we both recognised we had been to the recipese store, she was very excited about the quality of the coffee, she uys coffee every morning on her way to work and plans now to but it each day from recipese.
I gave her my leaflet that explained the classes as she had forgotten to pick one up , (as I plan to o back to the store soon I thought I would collect another one then.).

Unlike Osito , I did not think the store was a mess, the central area on each floor is dedicated to learning and has a kitchen area for the classes, This area is safe as if you are having a class you walk into the area , it is open so that all can see but enclosed by countertops so that people who are not haviing classes can view but not walk into it.
There were shelves and tables along the walls of the store , these were either to sit at , for display of for selling products.

Like all the restaurants that Jamie Oliver has , the staff are lovely , they are very helpful and I had a delightful visit.It is not so much a rush-in/rush-out-of store, but more one that you would like to spend a little time in , there is quite a lot to see and it has a lovely atmosphere.

I plan to visit again later this month.

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