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#1 Wed 29 Aug 12 1:17pm

Tommy gun

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Book publishing

Hi Jamie

I am in the process of writing a cook book which is delivered in my own words.

I am not an author but have great experience on the topic and the contents within the book.

After writing the manuscript I am now sure of what to do next.

I do not want to spend thousands and get nowhere as I donít have thousands.

Can you help me

I live in the Middle East so calling or visiting in the UK may be an issue



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#2 Wed 29 Aug 12 2:15pm


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Re: Book publishing

Welcome to the forum Darren  smile

I am sorry I have no idea how to procded in getting your book published .
But I did chat to some girls the other month on the train , they had been to some sort of writers convention/fayre and talked about how they aproached publishers with a part of theur manuscript,
May be you could do a similar thing bu seeking out the main cookerbook publishing houses and send them an chapter of your book to see if it interests them.
I am sure like all things , you will have to approach many people before you get much in the way of replies .

Good luck

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#3 Thu 30 Aug 12 11:13am

Tommy gun

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Re: Book publishing


Thank you for the reply.
Just a note, i live in Dubai and enjoy Jamies Italian in Festival City

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#4 Fri 31 Aug 12 8:12am


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Re: Book publishing

So you have the text but have no photos or layout?

Helpful info … -know.html

Traditional Publishers

Do it yourself publishing … alculator/

Short run printing of books

Google is your friend   smile  Try these search phrases;

cookbook publishing
cookbook publishers
short run book printing

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