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#21 Wed 31 Oct 12 3:21pm


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Re: Irresponsible restaurant shock

A lot of places won't heat up baby food for you because of safety policy - more to do with burning than food poisoning, I think, and it's not necessarily silly because catering microwaves can be very powerful! However, anywhere I've gone with a baby will provide a pot of hot water - just sit the jar or bottle in it for a while and it takes the chill off.

I rarely ask for a doggy bag - as someone else said, I guess it just isn't part of the culture here. However, on one occasion I did, and the only problem I encountered was that their safety policy didn't let them take the food back into the kitchen and package it, so they brought foil out to the table and let me do it myself.

I think theissue with huge portions in restaurants is quite a complicated one. Yes, we all bear responsibility for what we eat, but it's surprisingly hard to assess portion sizes when all the plates in the place are enormous. Even if you try to only eat what you need, it's very easy to overestimate. Also, if all the restaurants  serve huge portions, it starts to shape your assumptions about what is a reasonable portion.

This isn't only the case in the USA - if you look up what recommended portion sizes actually are for different types of food, they seem shockingly small. That's because we've all been brought up in a big-plates culture. Our expectations of food are for large amounts, and our stomachs are stretched accordingly!

So it's less a question of an individual restaurant somehow inflicting obesity on its innocent customers, and more a subtle question about unhealthy cultural norms and how they get perpetuated.

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#22 Mon 11 Aug 14 6:15am


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Re: Irresponsible restaurant shock

To all those who replied that driving while using a cell phone is illegal - yes it is in most of the civilized world.  However, upon mentioning the subject to a police officer, he said that it is legal here.  I don't know if it's just Tucson or all of Arizona.

The large portion shock I mentioned referred to the fact that children will clear the plate, especially of unhealthy fried food.  My husband and I and our friends always get a doggy bag.

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#23 Today 2:23am


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Re: Irresponsible restaurant shock

Just saw an article about Olive Garden yesterday (for those in Europe: an American restaurant chain that serves Italian food)

Seems that a hedge-fund doesn't like how OG operates: giving out too many breadsticks and not outsourcing the soup bases, for example.  Of course, Olive Garden serves limitless amounts of salad and breadsticks.  And they WILL let you take leftovers home.

(I can't post the link to the article, but it came through CNBC.  I tried, but the board wouldn't post it because of a "spam reference")

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