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Re: Take 4 good sized potatoes ......

hippytea wrote:

Half-fill each potato skin with mince and top with mash. Put under grill until top is browned. Mini cottage pies!

You could do this with fish and white sauce too, and make a fish pie. Or use lamb mince for shepherd's pie.

I have never done this, I just made it up just now. I am startled by my own genius.  big_smile

This is definitely on my "next things to cook" list. Sounds very tasty.



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Re: Take 4 good sized potatoes ......

beerforyorky wrote:

koukouvagia wrote:

I've never heard of frozen salt cod.  Cod that is frozen is fresh cod......

It is fresh (frozen) cod. Salted cod is not available here as far as I know.

Never mind then, that won't work for the recipe I gave you.

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Re: Take 4 good sized potatoes ......

Couldn't he poach or cook it and use it?

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