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#11 Sat 01 Dec 12 9:51pm


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Re: Rapeseed Oil

Dunno about Australia or the US, but here in Blighty our "Rapeseed" oil is still pure as..

You can even buy hugely expensive "Cold pressed extra virgin" rapeseed oils...

Pants to that..I'll keep buying the waitrose own brand...

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#12 Mon 10 Dec 12 6:25pm


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Re: Rapeseed Oil

Does anyone know how Extra Virgin Olive Oil is treated to get to low acidity?

According to Wikipedia the smoke points are as follows
Olive Oil                                   380ºF or 193ºC
Extra Virgin Olive Oil                  375ºF or 191ºC
Extra Virgin low acidity Olive Oil  405ºF or 207ºC 

The reason I ask is if lowering the acidity involves additional processing it may reduce some of the health benefits. On the other hand using Olive Oil in a dish that is cooked in the oven is risky since 375º or 380ºF are normal cooking temperatures.

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