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Re: Histamine intolerance - recipes wanted

Hi.  I discovered I am histamine intolerant about a year ago.  I find that oatmeal is okay if you are making it yourself with essentially nothing added.  I have to be careful with sugar as well.  Many histmanine intolerant people also have fructose issues - keep that in mind for agitation, dizziness and itching.

Scrambled eggs are a good snack, if the eggs are fairly fresh and you are only eating once a day.  I can also do very plain nacho chips, corn nuts, rice cakes & homeade hummus.  Store bought hummus is no good because of the massive amounts of tahini.  Rice cake with organic peanut butter seems to go over well, or when making a stir fry, use rice noodle.  Other things I have experimented with is fresh dairy.  I can do quite fresh or light dairy, like a cheese curd, or sugar free, light yogurt or cream cheese. 

I noticed that somebody else here mentioned they are doing banana ice cream?  I have a lot of problems with banana.  I've tried to give up alcohol, but that's very hard.  All I essentially do is light bottled beer and white liquors with water now.

I am also searching for new ideas.  Open to what anybody else has on the go, definitely going to check out that website.  Some things seem to bother some people more than others.  I am okay with mushrooms if they are fairly fresh. Any veggie starting to get old, or leftover past 2 days causes reaction.

I also try to still have a coffee a day, but must do decaf, or instant with chicory root and almond milk.  Anybody have more advice / ideas?  I'm also getting incredibly bored of my diet!

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Re: Histamine intolerance - recipes wanted

Thank you histamine chef! I was ok with no allergies until I hit perimenopause 3 yrs ago when j ended up sleeping on bags of ice in hospital for a week.....and now it has reappeared ( fortunately not as severe ) and now the 2 episodes are tied together....tadah an allergy to histamine. Thank you Histamine Chef I look forward to trying your recipes and thank you for doing what you are

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Re: Histamine intolerance - recipes wanted

what is histamine?

enjoying cooking easy and fast...
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Re: Histamine intolerance - recipes wanted

In answer to the question 'What is histamine" here's a helpful link -

And yes, truly low histamine recipes are hard to find. The Low Histamine Chef is great, but she uses ingredients that are forbidden on many authoritative histamine food lists, for example berries and legumes. It is a little harder to go strictly low histamine but that is what many of us have to do if we want to cure ourselves of our symptoms.
And the results are worth it! It is such a relief to be free of pain (which can be in a wide range of body parts), depression, anxiety, foggy thinking or whatever else your histamine intolerance symptoms may show up as.

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Re: Histamine intolerance - recipes wanted

hello - very useful thanks - i agree - my wife has recently been diagnosed Histamine intollerant and shes already gluten intollerant, so shopping has become a nightmare.
interesting finds from you though thanks.
I thing as we are in a minority and even though jamies a good guy, its not likely any help will come from him, but maybe others on the forum.
My wife did look at the paleo diet as thats all about fresh foods, etc, nothing processed or old, so im not sure if thats usefull for you or not.
If i get any more useful in sights ill post here, thanks again and good luck.

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Re: Histamine intolerance - recipes wanted

This is really useful thanks - ill get my wife on it right away shes Gluten and histamine intollerant following cancer treatment and is finding it very very tough indeed, so this helps enormollsy - she really dosent deserve it from being able to eat anything and not be fussy , to being fussy through no choice is really hard and often depressing,anything ic an find to help her is like wining the lottery - thanks again 

lhistaminechef wrote:

Hi there!

I've been dealing with histamine intolerance/histaminosis/mast cell activation for the last 4 years.

Check out my Facebook Page thelowhistaminechef - you'll find recipes/photos.

It's really not hard and I've found that adding nutrition rather than eliminating foods has helped me "recover". I went from having to quit my job to running two successful companies and traveling most of the year. DIfficult to do with a histamine condition but I prepare, a LOT.

Typical month for me: GF pad thai, omelette with antihistamine herbs, tropical fruit smoothie with flax and chia, GF (sugar free) brownies with banana ice cream, polenta fritters, GF pizza with red pepper/beet sauce, coconut milk crepes, blueberry oatmeal bars, oatmeal scones, coconut yoghurt, flapjacks etc.

Mornings I usually have a green smoothie/juice (i.e. kale, apple, broccoli, carrot) which is high in anti inflammatory and histamine lowering ingredients and I try to eat as many querctin rich foods as I can.

There's LOADS you can make, it's about having a great attitude towards food and using this condition as an opportunity to get healthy!

Hope this helps smile

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