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#21 Sat 29 Dec 12 7:19pm


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Re: What was Christmas Dinner?

Oh, forgot to add that my sil made the cookies.  They're basically meringues filled with chocolate chips - in the shape of a kiss with the chips inside.  I thought they were too sweet . . . I make meringue cookies by adding a little ground hazelnut flour or almond flour and cocoa powder (finest quality) fill with chunks of good chocolate if desired.

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#22 Sat 29 Dec 12 11:51pm


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Re: What was Christmas Dinner?

Well that's it ..
It's official ...
There is no turkey left in our house !
None was wasted it was all eaten .

The slow roasted turkey , cooked low overnight was realy juicy .
Bones made stock.
Stock made soup with added vegetables , turkey meat and a good slosh of port wine .
One cold meal with bubble and squeak .
One sandwich for my daughter to take on the train ( but it didn't last as long as getting to the train station , she ate it on the way !)
Turkey pie for supper tonight ..and a couple of indervidual
Turkey pies sent over to my daughters friend who is poorly .

And thats it ...
No more turkey !

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#23 Sat 29 Dec 12 11:57pm


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Re: What was Christmas Dinner?

I believe we will have one more day of turkey tomorrow and hopefully that will be us done too, and as much as I enjoy it, I think I will be quite glad to see the back of it for a while....! It was turkey pasties on the menu for us today!

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#24 Sun 30 Dec 12 7:16am

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Re: What was Christmas Dinner?

It was cold and raining in Sydney (wettest christmas day since the 1940s) so I think anyone who'd decided on the traditional hot lunch would have been very happy. We went to family for lunch and dinner/leftovers. Had the usual cold ham, hot turkey, roasted veg and salads. Followed by pavlova and fruit. Dinner was the same plus the rest of the extended families' leftovers too. And then everyone went home with someone else's leftovers.

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#25 Tue 24 Sep 13 6:58am


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Re: What was Christmas Dinner?

Spam reported cathy123.

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#26 Tue 24 Sep 13 9:46am


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Re: What was Christmas Dinner?

A traditional British Christmas dinner will always include a roast bird, and or another roast meat. Traditionally Roast Goose was the preferred Christmas food in Britain until the new-fangled Turkey arrived from America in the 16th century.

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