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#1 Tue 15 Jan 13 10:26am


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What are causes and Signs of Seasonal allergies?

Seasonal allergies affect all allergy sufferers differently.  Even though some  people might get allergic reactions only during a particular month of the  year, others might get allergic reactions during some, or all, seasons  summer, fall, spring or winter. With each season, allergies abound. To  find the actual reason behind your symptoms, you will have to play in the  detective role in determining the timing of your seasonal allergy  symptoms.

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#2 Tue 22 Jan 13 11:23pm


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Re: What are causes and Signs of Seasonal allergies?

Best to go get checked out at the doctors! Still would need investigating and handy detective skills! smile

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#3 Wed 23 Jan 13 8:43am


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Re: What are causes and Signs of Seasonal allergies?

A new one on me.  A senior nurse at our local general hospital has to keep a week of his annual leave free in case of snow.  He reacts badly to it where his throat and nasal passages become very bunged up.  Think he may be 'on holiday' this week, poor man.

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