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#11 Thu 14 Mar 13 12:06pm


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Re: Washing-up

At home dish washing is a chore which the younger people do. When I was younger my parents lets me do the dishes so I will be able to learn simple home chores.

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#12 Thu 14 Mar 13 12:30pm


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Re: Washing-up

Kitchen duty is never done.  I do most of the cooking and cleaning in the kitchen but hubby does help out on a nearly every day basis.  I'm pretty tyranical about which sponge to use to clean what, but hubby has caught on and he's doing a good job at it.

I never wash the big pots/pans, that's always his job.

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#13 Fri 15 Mar 13 4:06am

The White Rabbit

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From Sydney, Australia
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Re: Washing-up

My dishwasher is the single best thing I've ever bought. The residual non-dishwasher safe stuff is insignificant in comparison to the drudgery that was once the washing up.

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#14 Fri 15 Mar 13 9:51am


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Re: Washing-up

I SO agree White Rabbit! big_smile

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#15 Fri 15 Mar 13 10:56am


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Re: Washing-up

We have a dishwasher.. me.... lol  only joking but we do have a dishwasher and wh
at wont/cant go in i do the majority of.

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